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Slight Delay on Slimes..

2011-10-07 11:01:36 by EpicDoopliss

..due to a trip I am going on, I can not work on it on the weekends when I work on flashes. So expect in next weekend.


2011-10-03 19:53:50 by EpicDoopliss

Slimes is being made. Slowly but greatly.

Working on Blockheads

2011-10-02 09:22:21 by EpicDoopliss

Gonna make a blocky animation were instead of sunshine and happiness there is murderers and blood everywhere! :D Animating the introduction where this guy gets shot. Then it'll be total madness. May not be done for a month or two.

Oh, and congrats to the guys who spammed my message box full of lugers! Your usernames shall be hidden somewhere written by Endy in Blockheads.

Attempting 2 animations!

2011-10-02 00:12:09 by EpicDoopliss

Hopefully it doesn't get blammed like my old ones....