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Entry #1

Attempting 2 animations!

2011-10-02 00:12:09 by EpicDoopliss

Hopefully it doesn't get blammed like my old ones....


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2011-10-02 01:24:29

Never give up


2011-10-02 02:24:52

I've seen you're style bro and, if you need someone to ask questions, just PM me. I'm not the greatest but if you wanna see my work just search for "My Neighbor Tom" by hmcdlspcmnstr... It's an old name I went by a couple of years ago. I fell outta the game for a while but I'm back now and I'm starting to shake the rust of and work on honing my ability. If you get BLAMMED don't let it bring you down. My first flash ever only lasted one minute and eleven seconds before it was brutally murdered (an I thought I put so much work into it).